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Commerce & Logistics by Orbi First
Orbi First is building a new era with an infinite spectrum of opportunities.
In the Orbi First’s Cybernetics Systems, everything is connected, automated, and optimized. This creates unprecedented possibilities and effectiveness.
A scientifically and an advanced high-technology driven approach, dedicated mainly to the Logistics, Commerce, and Operations Management industries
Core concept Cybernetics and Multiple Systems Integration
Subfields of R&D IoT, AI, Automation, Robotization, Graph Data engineering, Real-time server engineering, Virtualization
Orbi First also offers dedicated Solutions and Services B2B and B2G, such as Systems Integration and Automation, Backend Engineering, Cloud Computing, Cloud & Hybrid Networking, Graph Database architecture and implementation, Commerce & E-Commerce Logistics and Integration (Omni-channel), Headless E-Commerce systems
Orbi First’s divisions and current projects

Commerce & Logistics Software and Web Engineering

Commerce OneTM is the most advanced tool to manage all your commercial and logistics activities into one system. With the Commerce One software (SaaS), you can integrate, view and manage everything from one sole control panel (the All-in-One Special Control Panel). Management can be performed, either manually or automatically, and enhanced by a powerful Artificial Intelligence sub-system. Commerce One is also deployed on the most advanced computing and cloud technologies.
Omnichannel Logistics by Commerce One

Omni-Channel Complete Logistics

order management & fulfillment, pickup or direct delivery
Trade and Sell everywhere, both online and/or in-store (brick & mortar). Regroup all your logistics operations and activities into one centralized and very powerful system. Additionally, start benefiting from all the Orbi First logistics advantages, such as:
  • Smart-Warehousing
  • Robotized and Fully Automated Order Fulfillment
  • Autonomous Shipping & Delivery (and same-day Delivery)
End-customers no longer have to wait 1-5 days to receive their order. The Commerce One’s features, along with the Orbi First system, allow a 45-minute Order Fulfillment lead time (pick, pack and ship). Brick & mortar stores, as well as distribution centers, can also benefit from the Commerce One’s Direct Delivery and Express Pickup system (in store & curbside).
Omnichannel Logistics by Commerce One

All-in-One Special Control Panel

and All your sales & logistics connected
Get the best with the All-in-One control panel. View and manage all your sales and logistics operations from ONE sole system and control panel. With automation and AI optimization, deploy and regroup all your activities from:
  • Orbi First E-Commerce and V-Commerce environment
  • Marketplaces such as: Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart, and many more…
  • Your own omni-channel sales structure
  • Shipping and delivery services
  • Your suppliers
Real-time and worldwide synchronization in less than 1 second (server-side): orders and replenishment control by AI or manually, connected inventories/stocks real-time updates.
Automating and Robotizing the entire Warehousing and Delivery process from the Warehouse & Distribution Center up to the end-customer’s address Can be connected to Commerce One, to any Orbi First component, or to other external systems
Warehousing & Distribution
Order Fulfillment & management
Shipping & Delivery
The Smart Warehouse-labTM by Orbi FirstTM, is pushing innovation and effectiveness to a new level. Technology-oriented and integrating new technologies from the fields of robotics and Artificial Intelligence, the Smart Warehouse-lab is currently conducting research & development with the goal to deploy fully-automated and robotized warehouses, distribution centers, and delivery solutions with autonomous vehicles.
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